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Have Your Own Online Auction
Website for Real Estate!

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We can provide you a real estate specific online auction website that's easy to setup, maintain, and most importantly use! Our premium application provides for private branding, allowing it to blend well with your established identity giving you all the advantages of a custom built application for a fraction of the cost.  No programming, No HTML and no waiting on a webmaster to make changes to your website.  You control everything with a click of a mouse.  For a minimal set-up fee your Premium Enterprise Auction System, including back-end administration and content management, can be operational within 3 business days.

Here’s what you get with YOUR own Enterprise Auction System

  • Your own online auction website.  You get everything you need to create auctions, accept bids online while maintaining full control of the content on your website as well as user administration. 

  • Sell Advertising to cover your cost & more!   At your option, you can receive additional income by selling advertising space on your auction website.  (ex. title companies, insurance companies, home inspectors, etc).  It's not unrealistic that the income from selling ads on your auction website can more than cover your costs of using it.

  • Buyer Leads.  Everyone that registers on your website is a potential buyer lead which you own.  In addition, every auction you list will have the full details of all the bidders and can be easily downloaded into Excel.

  • No Technical Worries. Not technical?  Not a problem!  We host your system while providing full support for everything you need to operate your own online auction system.

  • Your Company Identity.  Your website and all generated e-mail communications from your site will feature your company logo and complimentary colors.  It can even be made to match an existing website.

  • FREE Enhancements. We will continually enhance and add new features to our online auction system.  These upgrades are always free to you.  

  • Training. You will get complete and ongoing 1-on-1 training on how to use and administer your online auction system. No web programming or HTML experience required!  

  • Prevent "unverified" bidding.  As an option, you can choose to require bidders to verify themselves by authorizing a credit card (Authorize.Net merchant account required) before they can bid.  In addition, you can require "pre-approval" before anyone places a bid, based on whatever terms you decide.

  • No Auction "Sniping". Auctions don't just end at a certain time, they will auto-extend until bidding stops and you control the parameters for the timing of it.

  • "Buy Now".  Give prospective buyers the opportunity to purchase a property at a stated price prior to auction closing.

  • Automated e-mails from your website. Your auction system e-mails outbid notices, high bid notices, auction watch notices, and end of auction notices. All e-mails are customized with your company logo and details.

  • Interactive, Engaging Bidding.  Bidders viewing your auctions will see the countdown timer change color and update automatically with the new bids as they come in. They don't need to refresh the browser. This makes watching and bidding at the end of an auction engaging and more exciting.

  • Streamlined Interface. RE Auction Systems' Premium Enterprise Auction System provides an easy to use content management system, bulk auction import, and contact management as well!

  • The ability to offer online auctions to your sellers. In the increasingly competitive market of real estate services, clients will find whomever can offer the best options. With a premium, state-of-the-art online auction platform, you will provide the best option available.

 It’s easy to get started!

We can have you up and running within 3 days. Call us at 636-203-5880
contact us online to get started with your own Enterprise Auction System! 


Some of our EAS customers include:

RE Auction Systems Logo 

Your Custom Enterprise
Auction System Includes:

  • Full System Support
  • Custom Branding
  • 1-on-1 Training
  • Enhancements
  • Sell Advertising
  • Verified Bidding
  • Automatic e-mail
  • Auctions Auto-Extend
  • "Buy Now" Functionality
  • Bidding Auto-Updates
  • Satisfaction Guarantee


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