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YOUR System for Online Real Estate Auctions!

• Run your own online auctions - your name, your brand
• Be a leader in your market
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The move to use online bidding for selling real estate has begun.  Are you ready to join in? 

Our premium real estate online auction software uses the latest technology to simplify online bidding and maximize the price you get for your listings.  We offer "SaaS (Software as a Service)" so you don't need to worry about any of the technical details.  You can focus on what you do best...selling real estate.

Here is what we offer:

Enterprise Auction System (EAS) - You can have your own premium online real estate auction website, under your full control and branded with your company image.  No programming, No HTML, no waiting on webmasters to make changes, you control your entire auction site and all of your registered bidders with a click of the mouse.  We host it for you, provide technical support and help bring traffic to your auctions using our Auction Sharing Network (ASN).

Agent Auction System (AAS) - If you don't need your own auction website (EAS) yet, our Agent Auction System gives you the ability to place your auction listings on our public site REI Auctions  Our online real estate auction experts coach you 1-on-1 through the entire process for your first listing. You benefit from our 14+ years of experience using online auctions and learn the top strategies and techniques that lead to success!


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